Trek to Ala-Kul lake

publicated: 22.11.2017

Day 1. Bishkek

Arrival in Bishkek. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel. Rest.
After lunch city tour.


Day 2. Bishkek - Karakol Town

Transfer to Karakol Town, en the route visiting Burana Historical Complex, an open gallery of petroglyphs. Accommodation at the hotel in Karakol Town.


Day 3. Karakol - Karakol Gorge

Transfer from Karakol Town in one of the most beautiful gorges of Terskey Ala-Too - to Karakol Gorge. On the road leading along the picturesque river rises to the confluence of the river Karakol Telety. Here is our first overnight.
After lunch we will walk to the headwaters of On-Tor Gorge (10 seats) to Karakol Peak (5281 m)
Dinner. Free time.



Day 4. Trekking program

"Orphan shelter"

On the way we go down the gorge to the confluence of the Karakol and Ayu-Tor Rivers (Tyr. "Bearish tract"). By the bridge we cross the river and and following the trail that goes through the forest, grassy meadows and scree climb a place called a shelter, "Orphan". It's a small hut among the spruce forest. There are many convenient places for tents in the cabin is convenient to cook food and dry clothes by the fire.
Lunch. Free time. Dinner.


Day 5. Trekking program

Ala-Kul Lake

With a good path, lying on the left side of the river we climb to the "mutton foreheads", behind them is Lake Ala-Kul. The rise of the lamb is on the foreheads of small debris. Climbing up to the bridge in front of us opened Ala-Kul lake (Lake Motley).
Camping. Lunch. Free time. Dinner.



Day 6. Trekking program

Ala Kul. Arashan

Directly from the camp begins the ascent to the pass Alakul (3860m). There is a magnificent view of the lake and surrounding peaks from the pass. By scree slope we go down from the pass to the gorge Keldyke.
On the path we go along the green alpine meadows down in the valley Arashan. Further our way lies to the hot springs of Altyn-Arashan. Here we will be able to relax in the natural hot springs.



Day 7. Alting Arashan Gorge - Karakol Town

After walking transfer to Karakol town. Lunch.
Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.
Dinner at the Dungan family.


Day 8. Karakol Town - Issyk-Kul Lake

Transfer to Issyk-Kul Lake. Accommodation at the hotel in the shore of the lake.
Free time.



Day 9. Issyk-Kul Lake - Bishkek

Transfer to Bishkek. Visiting an open gallery of petroglyphs.
Accommodation at the hotel in Bishkek.

It’s possible to change the program according to your wish…