The beauties of Tian-Shan

publicated: 14.02.2020

Day 1: Arrival in the Karakol gorge. Trekking  along the "Mokroe" Gorge. Lunch. Ascent to Lake Irdyk. Dinner. Overnight on the lake (3000 m above sea level).


Day 2. Breakfast. Descent to the Karakol Gorge. Lunch ,trekking under the Peak "Issyk-Kul scallop." Dinner. Overnight in the forest zone (2500m )

Day 3: Breakfast. Climb to the Peak "Issyk-Kul scallop. Lunch. Descent to the camp. Dinner.


Day 4: Breakfast. Descent to the Karakol Gorge. Transfer by car to the Karakol alpine camp. Lunch. Trekking to  On-Tor Gorge. Dinner. Overnight at the lake (2800 m )


Day 5: Breakfast. Radial trekking under the On-Tor Glacier. Survey of the Karakol Peak (5216 m above sea level) Lunch. Descent to the camp. Dinner.

Day 6: Breakfast, climbing to the camp "Karakol". Lunch. We will rise in the Gorge "Kurgak-Tor" to the camp "Shelter of the orphan" (2800 m ) Dinner. 

Day 7: Breakfast. Trekking on the Ala-Kel lake (3350 m). Lunch. Overnight on the lake. Dinner.

 Day 8: Breakfast. Trekking through the Ala-Kel Lake to the Ala-Kel Pass (3800 m ). Lunch. Descent from Pass in the Keldyke Gorge. Overnight in the Gorge (3400 m ). Dinner.

Day 9: Breakfast. Trekking along the Keldyke Gorge to  Arashan resort (2500 m) Lunch. Overnight (optional) at the Ala-Kel guest house. Bathing in hot geothermal springs. Dinner.

Day 10. Breakfast. Descent along the Arashan Gorge to Ak-Suu Village. Return to Karakol. End of the tour.