Land of Kyrgyz lifestyle

publicated: 05.12.2017

Kyrgyz are distinctive Nomad people. During their thousand years history they have created own unique way of existence. The program gives unique chance to acquaintance with ancient Kyrgyz customs and traditions, to see all variety of Kyrgyz landscapes.


Day 1. Bishkek

Journey begins in Bishkek city where we will do interesting city-tour with visiting Osh market, Historical Museum, Frunze Museum, Fine arts museum, Ala-Too (motley mountains, turk.) Square, Victory Square and monument to the legendary hero of Kyrgyz epos – Manas.



Day 2. Issyk-Kul Lake & Burana Tower

In the morning we will drive to Issyk-Kul Lake (hot lake, turk.), by the way visit historical complex “Burana Tower” (11th century AD). Tower is the part of Karakhanid’s capital – Balasagun town on the Great Silk Road. The stone figurines - “balbals” and ancient labor tools are located nearby the complex. The road is continuing through Boom Gorge, dodging along stormy Chu River and abruptly leads to Issyk-Kul Lake (hot lake, turk.). Accommodation at the yurt camp in the shore of the lake.



Day 3. Tash-Rabat Gorge

Taking leave of Issyk-Kul Lake and continue our way to the South, in direction to China. At last we arrived to amazing Tash-Rabat (stone structure, turk.) Gorge. In uppers of the gorge the same name caravanserai is located (15th century AD). It is only one such type of structure in Central Asia. We will meet with local shepherds in their yurts nearby; they will offer national felt handicrafts, invite to come in yurt to drink tea, to try koumiss and airan.



Day 4. Son-Kul Lake

After spending overnight in yurt camp, we continue our trip to high-altitude Son-Kul Lake (last lake, turk.) and have a night in yurts.



Day 5. Bishkek & departure

After breakfast we will go to Bishkek, enjoying the scenic view, meet in restaurant for farewell dinner with performance of Kyrgyz folk music. After restaurant we will transfer you to the airport for departure.


It’s possible to change the program according to your wish…