Program HTR-4

publicated: 19.12.2017

*We offers different variants of horse riding tours, you can choose which one is more suitable for you.






Transfer from Bishkek to Ottuk Village(by car), lunch, walking in the mountains, horse games show, dinner overnight.


DAY 1.After breakfast ride along the mountain road Kyr-Jol to Teshik area.Will see the small Canyons Bakchetin, lunch, dinner and accommodation at the homestay.




DAY 2. Ride to Jon-Bulak Pass, Lunch boxes, along the slope will ride to Sary-Bel.Dinner and accommodation at the homestay.


DAY 3. Sary-Bel-small waterfall-up to Terskey-Topu Pass in Son-Kul Valley.Lunch in the yurt, after continuing riding to Son-Kul yurt camp.Dinner and accommodation.