Rent a car

publicated: 29.12.2019

We understand how it’s important to relax after busy days, work, people…to be along with a nature.. Or take a rest with your family, -friends…No drivers, no guides…

If you belong to this type of people we will be glad to offer for you such service as rent car for self-driving.


We provide renting of A/C 4 WD cars (6-7 seats), special for off-roads trips.

Cars are able for self-driving in the territories of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. In Uzbekistan and Mongolia we offer high experienced driver.

Our cars are equipped with all necessary things for comfortable movement, such as gas stove, gas cartridges, kitchen appliances, tables, chairs and s.o. (tents renting, with agreement in advance).


You are able to safe your money, cars are so spacious that you may overnight in it, so economy in accommodation at the hotels, all appliances for cooking safe your money for café meals.

If you prefer to travel with a big company we offer 17 seats micro-bus, which also includes all necessary things for your comfort. For bus renting we give our high experienced driver(to make the trip safe).





All cars have a good recommendations of self-drivers in Pamir High Way!