publicated: 22.11.2017

on the Chu River (Issyk-Kul valley and Boom Canyon, 25 km., class 2-4) and Chon-Kemin River (Kapchigay Canyon, 22 km., class 2-4), May-September, 1 day.

The tour begins in the airport Manas and goes along the circle highway to Balykchi.

The way goes via several villages where you can observe the lifestyle of different nationalities. Then we'll pass by the mountain road through the Boom Canyon that means the narrow gorge where as the legends say the highwaymen robbed caravans.

The rafting starts 10 km from the town of Balykchi, (158 km on Bishkek - Balykchi highway), it takes 3,5 hours. You can stop the car every time you wish. On all the way and before rafting you'll be offered drinks.

This program ideally suites for those who have never rafted down the mountain river. The difficulty level of rafting is from category I to category IV according to the category I of the VI international system. Chu River allows the tourists to have a wonderful time, to slip into the world of emotions they have never experienced before. With the help of an experienced guide one can easily obtain basic rowing and vessel handling techniques. While rafting you can get excellent suntan, swim in the quiet spots. Rafting down the river surrounded by gorgeous mountains is a sort of experience that nobody can be indifferent to.

A short rest with a lunch break will be arranged at a picturesque place. This program is intended for healthy individuals of any age, children under age of 10 must be accompanied. It is always possible to stop rafting and take a seat in the car that is following raft all along the river.

Rafting on the river Chon-Kemin is not far from the previous place. The Chon Kemin River is the right tributary of the Chu River. The start is 150 km from Bishkek, than goes to a Valley and than passes near the Kapchigy Canyon. After Chon-Kemin has flown into Chu River rafting is continued in Chu River down to Cholok village. While rafting calm and fast parts change each other. The difficulty level of a rafting site is from category I to category IV according to the category I of the VI international system.