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Our company "Tumar Travel" LLC is one of the prime tour operators in Kyrgyzstan.
To our visitors we offer a large variety of cultural and historical tours along the Great Silk Road in the territories of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China.
Our programs offer tourists to fell the atmosphere of ancient nomads: overnight in a yurt camp, horse riding, to see hunting with a eagles and so on. Treks of any complexity and length, in the territory of Kyrgyzstan.
To the adventure amateur, we offer a wide range of programs at any level of difficulty: the ascent to the peaks of any complexity including an expedition to the peak of Khan-Tengri, Pobeda, Lenin, Muztag-Ata (China), horse tours, rafting on mountain rivers of any category of difficulty, ski tours.
You can get acquainted with basic programs on our web site. Based on the programs, you can create your own itinerary, make adjustments to the proposed service, and select a convenient time for you to travel.

Our offerings

Our company offers a wide range of programs varying from easy one day walks to difficult many days tours.

Rent car

We provide renting of A/C 4 WD cars (6-7 seats), special for off-roads trips. Cars are able for self-driving in the territories of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. In Uzbekistan and Mongolia we offer high experienced driver.

Adventure tours

Kyrgyz are distinctive Nomad people. During their thousand years history they have created own unique way of existence. The program gives unique chance to acquaintance with ancient Kyrgyz customs and traditions.

About Kyrgyzstan in 3 words

You can talk about Kyrgyzstan endlessly, write books, make movies. But this time, we decided to learn how to describe foreigners this mountainous country in three words. Below are selections of the most striking statements

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Avi Dov, Israel
publicated: 10.02.2018

" לטיול יצאנו שני זוגות בני 60+. אנה ואיגור, זוג צעיר, בעלי חברת Tumar Travel ארגנו את הטיול. הטיול כלל הכל, כולל שלוש ארוחות ביום ודאגה לכל הפרטים הקטנים. הרכב שהציעו לנו היה המתאים ביותר, הארוחות במקומות אותנטיים אצל משפחות ממגוון התרבויות של קירגיסטן וכן במסעדות ברמה מעולה. מי שמחפש נופים מופלאים, ארץ בתולית ואנשים חמים – קירגיסטן הוא המקום, אנה ואיגור הם האנשים שיעשו לכם את הטיול לחוויה ייחודית וחד פעמית..."

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car rent

Bas Kumeling,Netherlands
publicated: 30.11.2018

"Very lovely people with reliable cars and good service! .."

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