publicated: 22.11.2017

One of the most interesting and widely distributed groups of Central Asian jewelry - are tumars (amulets). They had both decorative and more sacred value associated with a belief in their protective, magical-protective function.

TUMAR made of leather in the form of a triangular pouch, which is the sewn leaf with lines from the Koran. People wear it mainly in the neck, as a crucifix hanging from the Christians, or sutured to the inside of the garment.

The fact is that on the coin denomination of 10 soms shows tumar. In the upper part of the coin depicts a very symbolic for the Kyrgyz vessel - kёёkёr, which is designed to store beverage kumyz. In the middle of an ornamental container is depicted in a triangle symbol "Tumar", symbolizing the guardian of the Kyrgyz people.