Ala-Archa National Park

publicated: 22.11.2017

Ala-Archa Valley is situated in the highest part of the Kyrgyz Range of the grandiose mountain system of Tien-Shan, 35 km from Bishkek – the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic. “Ala-Archa” means “variegated Archa” from Kyrgyz. Ala - Archa is located on the territory of gorge. Natural Park is ocupaing about 20 hectares of terrytory, including such climate-landscape zones as subalpine, which surprising everytime there tourists. This Natural Park got his name because of the instant growing woods plant and creeping vegetation of Archa all along the gorge.

In Ala-Archa gorge were founded around 1100 types of plants, what arrange about 1/3 all of types of Kyrgyz flora. Animal world of Ala-Archa is rich and peculiar. Here we can meet a lot of field animals and birds, animals with interesting and unusual biology. Any types of hunting isforbitten in the territory of Natural Park.

Here one can breathe the fresh mountain air and sit under the shade of slim Tien-Shan firs observing the wonderful panorama of the glaciers around and snow-covered peaks, meet herds of ibex and mountain goats, visit mountain hut – the start place almost of every ascent. Guiding by your desire and physical condition you can choose different variants of walking, hiking and trekking that we worked out. All of them start from the former alpine camp, which is located in the fir forest zone on the altitude 2100 m above sea level.