Self-drive trip guided with local guide

Tal Cohen, Israel
publicated: 30.11.2018

My two friends and I had a great time with Anna..she leads us in Kyrgyzstan...we have seen great places and amazing view...and the service was very good. The accommodation was also clean and pleasent.

trip to Kyrgyzstan

Varda Ya'akosi Tzelnik,Israel
publicated: 30.11.2018

טיילנו בקירגיסטאן עם אנה ברכבי שטח, שאיגור בעלה, מחזיק ומתחזק. אנה הייתה איתנו 24/7 ואיגור ליווה מרחוק לאורך כל הדרך. הוא ידע בכל רגע נתון איפה אנחנו ואף ייעץ ופתר בעיות ברמה טכנית. זוג מקסים!

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Michał Mastalski,Poland
publicated: 30.11.2018

Highly recommended place to rent a car in Kyrgystan. Igor - extremely helpful owner, You can trust in support from him during Your trip. You can also get to Tajikistan without problems.

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Leszek Danak ,Poland
publicated: 30.11.2018

I am very happy that I found the right company. Service at the highest level. Car accessories excellent, folding chairs, table, crockery, gas stove plus a surprise in the fridge. The owners are wonderful people. I recommend 100%.

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Ireneusz Dąbrowski,Poland
publicated: 30.11.2018

Thanks a lot, Igor. The car was very well equipped, he drove us through half of Kyrgyzstan. Super contact with Igor, The car was waiting for us in Almaty. Thanks again from Poland

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Bas Kumeling,Netherlands
publicated: 30.11.2018

Very lovely people with reliable cars and good service!

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Tomasz Szpądrowski, Poland
publicated: 30.11.2018

Great company, reliable cars, amazing owner. The best idea for sightseeing in Kyrgyzstan. Strongly recommended.

An extraordinary service

Uri Haelyon
publicated: 30.11.2018

The vehicles are in a great condition and well equipped. Anna and Igor are very attentive to every need. Their knowledge of Kyrgyzstan's roads and sights is easily noted. Yet they set a warm feeling and make you feel as a friend and just a customer. We had a superb 15 days with Anna and Vlodia (our driver) – the trip was organized in a very professional way, during the trip Anna was very flexible and every whim we had was answered immediately. Due to medical conditions we had to change plans – it took Anna organized on the spot a new plan including places to sleep and great places to drive through, we were highly happy with. Feeling lucky to choose this company – Very highly recommended.

Spring Holidays in kyrgyzstan

Michael Malsch, Astana
publicated: 27.03.2018

We had a great trip! Anna went above and beyond to deliver a unique experience for us. The areas she chose to show to us and the accommodations were fantastic. She remained flexible even to the last minute as we wanted to make a visit to the Bazaar before heading home. She was very patient with our frequent stops to take pictures and see the Kyrgyz landscape. She allowed us time to explore and relax.

Thanks for the trip!

Avi Dov, Israel
publicated: 10.02.2018

לטיול יצאנו שני זוגות בני 60+. אנה ואיגור, זוג צעיר, בעלי חברת Tumar Travel ארגנו את הטיול. הטיול כלל הכל, כולל שלוש ארוחות ביום ודאגה לכל הפרטים הקטנים. הרכב שהציעו לנו היה המתאים ביותר, הארוחות במקומות אותנטיים אצל משפחות ממגוון התרבויות של קירגיסטן וכן במסעדות ברמה מעולה. מי שמחפש נופים מופלאים, ארץ בתולית ואנשים חמים – קירגיסטן הוא המקום, אנה ואיגור הם האנשים שיעשו לכם את הטיול לחוויה ייחודית וחד פעמית.

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Live Lindemark, Oslo
publicated: 30.11.2017

A big thank you to Anna and Igor for renting us a great car for the Pamir Highway. We had a blast driving over in the beautifull nature, and felt extra secure when we knew help from Anna and Igor was allways only a phone call away. Made our holliday!

Nostalgia for Kyrgyzstan

Alex, Russia
publicated: 24.11.2017

I have been to Kyrgyzstan many times. Great places! I'm going to go there again and again. I recommend to everyone, Igor and Anna are good guides. The journey through the historical places of antiquity was very interesting. Thanx a lot for them!!!